The "Piano Nocturnes" festival
the Rencontre des grands Amateurs de piano
and the 2 "Samson François" International Piano Competitions.
"Samson François" International Piano Competition.

The 2023 festival!

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Les Nocturnes du piano" festival recitals 2023.

2023 - the year of confirmation!

July 3 - Philippe Bianconi & Clément Lefebvre

Philippe's program :
CHOPIN - Nocturne in C # minor Op. 27 No. 1, 3rd Scherzo in C # minor Op. 39, Barcarolle Op. 60, Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brillante Op. 22

Clément's program:
Two Impromptus opus 14
SCHUMANN - Carnaval opus 9

Philipe et Clément's program:
Ma Mère l'Oye

July 4 - Théo Fouchenneret

Theo's program :
BEETHOVEN - Waldstein
CHOPIN - 4th ballade
MOMPOU - Paisajes (La Fuente y la camapana, El Lago, Carros de Galicia)
SCHUMANN - Fantasy

July 5 - Nour Ayadi

Nour's program:
Noveletten op 21: VI. Sehr lebhaft, mit vielem Humor, IV. Ballmäßig, Sehr munter, II. Äußerst rasch und mit Bravour
BEETHOVEN - sonata "Appassionata" op.57
POULENC- Trois novelettes, FP 47/173
RACHMANINOV - Études - Tableaux, Op. 33

July 6 - Florian Noack

Florian's program:
Sonata D.960
LISZT - Etudes Transcendentes 10-11-12

July 7 - Célia Oneto Bensaïd

Celia's program:
Un Sospiro from Concert Etudes S.144
MARIE JAËLL - "Ce qu'on entend dans l'Enfer": Poursuite, Appel, Dans les flammes, Blasphèmes
LISZT - Mephistowaltz no3 S.216
MARIE JAËLL - "What We Hear in Purgatory": Pressentiments, Impotent Desires, Remorse, Now and Then, Obsessions
SCHUBERT / LISZT - Aufenthalt
MARIE JAËLL - "What We Hear in Paradise": Heavenly Ways, Hymn, Contemplation
SCHUBERT / LISZT - Ständchen

July 8 - Jean-Paul Gasparian

Jean-Paul's program:
Preludes, Livre 1
SCRIABINE - Sonate N°3 opus 23
RACHMANINOV- Sonate N°2 opus 36

2023 - the year of confirmation!

The Junior Piano Competition
"Samson François" 2023.

60 candidates aged 5 to 15 came from all over the world (Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine). They took part in this 2nd Junior Competition in front of a large and enthusiastic audience.

The list of winners

Category 5 - 6 years :

Highly commended by the jury:
SOROKINA Daria, Russia
CHENG Noémie, France
LIU Hermance, France

Mention très bien, unanimously awarded by the jury :
XU Alice, France
GAO Martin, France

Highly commended :
CHARRIERAS Aïleen, France
FABRE Armand, France

Category 7 - 8 years :

Mention Très bien à l'unanimité du jury avec félicitations et Prix spécial Lanoë (150 €) :
KOSTENKO Nora, Ukraine

Mention très bien by unanimous jury vote :
Li Yun Long, France
BASTIEN Chloé, France
COURVALET Bruce, France

Highly Commended :
BUZZI Adrien, France
TRAN Lucie, France

Mention Bien :
HAN Selena, France
KLING Katarina, Monaco
TANG Léa Yaofhi, France
BEYS Lisa, France
DOGAN Maxime, France

Category 9 - 12 years :

1st Prize unanimously with congratulations of the jury (€300) :
Chanya Bayla SOMBOONVECHAKARN, Thailand

1st Prize (€250) :
Michael Wang, Canada

2nd prize (€150) :
Emanuele IAZZARELLI, Italy
Uzay KURTARAN, Turkey
Lucie LE BALC'H, France

Mention Très bien à l'unanimité du jury avec félicitations :
Qian Shana, France
Tavan Jeanne, France

Mention très bien avec félicitations du jury :
Balducci Angelo, France

Mention very good by unanimous vote of the jury :
Gruba Milan, Ukraine
Mohtaji Pauline, France
Xu Chenhao, France
Zhang Mathis, France
Courvalet Ethan, France

Mention Très bien :
Nunn Alessio, France
Scarcella Fabio, France
Scarcella Paola, France
Tang Boren, China
Tran Louis, France
Wang Ribeil Anaximandre, France
Wang Ribeil Aristarque, France
Bouriche Gabriel, France
Charpentron Balthazar, France

Mention Bien :
Kolev Kris, France
Kremnev Petr, France
Kuhn Charlotte, France
Pealat Julien, France
Popov Jeanne, France
Qin LinTing, Ukraine
Radulescu Maria-Alma, Romania
Ranieri Elena Sofia, Italy
Shiryaev Mickael, France
Azria Louise, France

Category 13 - 15 years :

1st Prize unanimously with congratulations from the jury : Tianrun JIN, China (age 15)
2nd Prize : André Chengyu QIAN, France (age 15)
3rd Prize : Malo RETIF, France ( age 13)

Mention Très bien avec félicitations du jury :
FONTANILLE Anahita, France

Mention Very Good by unanimous vote of the jury :

Highly Commended :
KOSTENKO Mishel, Ukraine
YEUNG YUK WING Haylee, France
BARLET Louise, France
BORECKA Violetta, Poland

Mention bien :
MEFFRE Clément, France
CANU Jade, France

Mention assez bien :
LUCIANO Gabriele, Italy
NAVARRO Nans-Emilien, France
NIVAL Irène, France
NUNN Delia, France
VALMAGGI Viola, Italy
JUNG Viktoria, Germany

The prestigious jury was composed of, from left to right: Olga Monakh, Nicolas BringuierChristine Gastaud, President of the jury, Festival creator and organizer, Marylise Lanoë and Aisa Ijiri.

Christine V4

Christine Gastaud
President of the jury

A few photos of our young artists!

2023 - the year of confirmation!

The International International Piano Competition
"Samson François" 2023.

  • Candidates from South Korea, Brazil, China, Japan, France, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine and Vietnam... competed in the first round, on a free program including a work by Chopin. 
  • 3 candidates were selected for the final which took place on Sunday, July 2. THE final was& streamed on the Sigmart platform.

The list of winners

1st prize: not awarded

2nd Prize ex-aequo (€2,000):

Ukraine, born 2001

Program :

  • Rachmaninov: Etude-Tableau op. 39-2
  • Chopin: Nocturne op. 48-1
  • Liszt: Grandes études de Paganini, S.141, Etude No. 2
  • Chopin: 2nd Ballade op. 38
  • Liszt. After a reading of Dante: Fantasia quasi sonata

2nd prize ex-aequo (€2,000):
HA Gyutae

South Korea, born 1996

Program :

  • Chopin: Polonaise op.53 no.6
  • Prokofiev: 3rd Sonata
  • Schumann: Carnival op. 9

3rd Prize (€1,000):

Japan, born 1997

Program :

  • J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue I No. 22 in B-flat minor, Book I BWV 867
  • F. Chopin: Fantasy in F minor Op. 49
  • C. W. Gluck (arr. G. Sgambati): Melodie d'Orphée
  • J. Brahms: Variations on a Hungarian theme Op. 21 No.2
  • Franck: Prelude, Chorale and Fugue

Special French music prize (€500):

Japan, born in 1993

Special prize for Antoine Cesari's work (€500):

France, born 2002

Special Ukrainian music prize ( 500€ ) :

Ukraine, born 2001

The winners received cash prizes and concert engagements in southeastern France and Paris.

Concours International partners

Pictured from left to right:
Carine Daniau-Sinigaglia
Director of Kawai France, a partner in the competition who offered us her full support, Kateryna SmirnovaPresident of Totally-Italy - partner of the international competition, Olga MonakhPresident of the Jury, Nicolas BringuierJury, Antoine Cesaripianist and composer, Christine GastaudCreator and organizer of the Festival, including the Samson François Competitions, Giuliano Adorno Competition, Jury, Mykhailo DiordiievSecond Prize ex-aequo in the Samson François International Competition, Markus SchirmerJury, Gyutae HaSecond Prize ex-aequo in the Samson François International Competition, Akiko Ebijury, Bartłomiej Kominekjury, Teppei KurodaThird Prize in the Samson François International Competition, and François Forcioli-ContiPresident of the Hippodrome de la Côte d'Azur, where the competition took place.

The prestigious jury included pianists Olga Monakh, President of the jury, Markus Schirmer, Nicolas Bringuier, Akiko Ebi, Giuliano Adorno, Bartłomiej Kominek and Christine Gastaud.

Artistic Direction

Samson François, 4 syllables forming a bridge between music and magic. A name that awakens in each of us a secret desire for freedom and daring, and reminds us of the original function of the musician, as embodied in the myth of Orpheus: to charm, bewitch, and beguile the listener, and even to raise the dead through the magical powers of sound. This competition is a tribute to this unique artist, a poet of the piano who continues to inspire millions of music lovers around the world. We sincerely hope that young pianists will join this quest for the mystery of music, and that on their way to the "unattainable star", this competition will give them the necessary impetus to try to approach it.

Olga Monakh
Artistic Director

Nicolas Bringuier
Artistic Director

Having had the chance to study for many years with Bruno Rigutto, who was one of the only disciples of Samson François and his "spiritual son", I am very happy that Christine Gastaud, my first teacher in Nice, entrusted us with the artistic direction of this competition, which took place in the marvelous setting of the Hippodrome de la Côte d'Azur. Indeed, the strong ties that united Samson François to our region are multiple: he studied as a child at the Conservatory of Nice, and later resided in Menton and performed very frequently in our region. Let's hope that the young pianists who participated in this event will follow in his footsteps!

The winners and the Kawai France team (from right to left: Carine Daniau-Sinigaglia, Adusa Omata, Louis-Marie Boussuge and Nicolas Rios).

A few photos of our young artists!

The Massena hall of the Côte d'Azur racecourse where the junior and international "Samson François" competitions were held.

A huge thank you to Carine Daniau-Sinigaglia Nicolas Rios and all the Kawai teams.
Thanks to their support, the tests were held on a beautiful instrument: The Shigeru Kawai concert!

The Massena show at the Côte d'Azur racecourse and the jury.

2023 - the year of confirmation!

The Grand Amateurs pianists' meeting day

Dedicated to non-professional piano lovers, with concerts and master classes led by Nicolas Bringuier, our Artistic Director, this day was a resounding success. This has encouraged us to develop it further in 2024...
2full days will therefore be on the Festival program, to the delight of all!

Noé Zagroun & Giulia Emily Dukes recital

There are unforgettable moments at a Festival..... For the 2023 edition, the musical hour brought to us by young jazz pianist Noé Zagroun and singer Giulia Emily Dukes is one of them!
Their eclectic program and warm personalities have largely contributed to making Our Festival an exceptional event on our Côte d'Azur!
Thank you Noé and Giulia!

Lenor Mendes' recital

In 2023, we were fortunate to begin a partnership with the prestigious École Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot in Paris, cradle of countless musicians with international careers.
The arrival of Leonor Mendes, a young pianist who brilliantly obtained her "Diplôme supérieur de concertiste" there in May 2023, was a real gift for all the candidates in the Samson François International Competition!

2023 - the year of confirmation!

Our launch party at the Salle Cortot in Paris
on June 12, 2023

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